Basketball Recruiting Scholarship Chart
2014-15 Season

P Seniors
Scholarships: 2
Scholarships: 3
Scholarships: 3
Scholarships: 2
HS 2015
Commits: 3
Spots Left: 2
Open Offers: 0
HS 2016
Commits: 1
Spots Left: 4
Open Offers: 5
HS 2017
Commits: 0
Spots Left: 7
Open Offers: 4
Ash Yacoubou (RS) (TR)
Mislav Brzoja (RS) (TR)


Black - Scholarship Player
Burgundy - Red-Shirted Scholarship Player
Red - Current Red-Shirt Scholarship Player
Purple - Non-Scholarship Player
Gray - Player No Longer On Roster
Dark Green - Signed LOI Prospect
Light Green - Verbal Commit Prospect
Navy Blue - High Interest Prospect
Royal Blue - Medium Interest Prospect
Light Blue - Low Interest Prospect

AI - Academically Ineligible
DM - Dismissed From Team
ERS - Expected Red-Shirt For Current Season
FWO - Former Walk-on
IR - Suffered Career Ending Injury
JUCO - Junior College Transfer
LDS - Eligibility Frozen Due To LDS Mission
LOI - Signed LOI
LT - Left Team For Personal Reasons
MHSP - Medical Hardship Pending Review
MHS - Medical Hardship 6th Year of Eligibility
MIL - Eligibility Frozen Due To Military Service
PRO - Early Exit To Play Professionally
RS - Player Previously Red-Shirted a Season
SU - Player Suspended for Season
TR - Transferred To Another School
VC - Verbal Commit