JaQuel Richmond

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Year2014 (RS N/A)




HometownGreensboro, NC

High SchoolWesleyan Christian Academy

AAU TeamTeam Loaded

Scouting Reports

Jamie Shaw, SE Region Scout
Positives: Quick PG who has the ability to get past the first line of defense. Knocks down shots from range, and has a tight handle that allows him to get into tight spaces Negatives: While he knocks it down when he has time, he has a long release on his jump shot.. Has a tendency to settle for the jump shot and can get caught in the lane with no where to go. Needs weight. Can go through spells of not advancing the ball in halfcourt set. Overall: Is at his best, when getting into the lane with head up. When in attack mode he gets to the line and gets diving team mates involved. Is a good shooter on the swing or skip pass.


Star Rating3β˜…3β˜…3β˜…3β˜…
Overall Rank-NRNRNR
Position Rank34β–Ό2NRNR350

Rankings Note: Rankings data shown based on latest ESPN Rankings released on 2014-05-18, Scout Rankings released on 2014-05-18, and Rivals Rankings released on 2014-05-18.

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